About Us

Divine Blesssings...


Envisioned & blessed by Pujyapad Bhagwan Srimad Brahmanandaji the founder of Bhartiya Yugvasishtha Sangha, Brahmanand Sewa Sadan a Charitable Trust, a socio religious organisation & Brahmananda Sewa Sadan a Community Service Charitable Trust.

On Institution and with guidence of Bhagwan Brtahmanandaji Brahmanand Sewa Sadanrealizing the eye care scenario in the undivided Bihar, Started regular Eye Camp’s in rural andremote area’s, reaching out to the under privileged & needy people of the society.

On 10.02.2002 the first mega eye camp was organised by Brahmananda Sewa Sadan

Eye camps followed but there was unmet need of well structured Charitable Eye Hospital providing high quality eye services to the lower socio economic patients who could not travel to the city for the services.

on 16-02-2003, with the moral and financial support from the members of Bhartiya Yugavasistha  Brahmananda Sangha KBIYBS), Purnima Netralaya named after Karunamaye Mata Purnima was inaugurated by then Welfare Minister Jharkhand, Mr. Arjun Munda.

Our Mission & Vision

* Eradicate curable blindness in the district by 2020.
* Become a world class eye care facility.
* Enhance partnership with world class institutions providing eye care.
* Promote clinical and technical research for preventive and curative ophthalmology.



ENLIGHTENS our thoughts and minds in our busy professional life …..

” We are today where our THOUGHTS have brought Us…..

We will be tomorrow where our THOUGHTS take us…”

Our MOTIVATION encouraging our actions and feelings …..

“ Do not tell the world what you can do …….. ..SHOW it”

IMBIBING in us the only power we can rely on “The POWER of FAlTH”